Experience 512 QS


512 Quantum Sound is more than just a building. 512 Quantum Sound holds a bit of history in the music industry. It began as a recording studio owned by Reggie Lucas named Quantum Sound Studios. Later it was passed down to Tim Giles and his wife Julie Giles, founders of Big Blue Meenie Recording Studio. This Building holds the start of several Gold and platinum hit records that have been mixed with in its walls. Diamond Tech Group LLC, wanted to give this building a new start by paying homage to the past musical talent by incorporating Quantum Sound in the name. This building helped many artist start their careers, created many outstanding mixes and beats. Those wo visit would not only be walking into a building that once housed many great artists; but will be walking the same steps that many took at the start of their career. 512 Quantum Sound is more than a bar and restaurant. It��s a place where history was made, and it��s still being made. 512 Quantum Sound is the dream of Diamond Tech, a place where history meets the present. Where outstanding Modern American Culture combines with a Latin twist, brought by Chef Mack



would not be what it is without our staff. They are the heartbeat. The energy. The passion. The knowledge. The compassion.